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it's your friendly neighborhood aims here! i spend my days being a ambadassador to all things rachel berry, lea michele, noah puckerman, mark salling and puckleberry. i also got love for the other glee ships (tike, fritters, samcedes, kurtofsky, fuinn). once in a blue moon i'll break from PR epicness to talk about TVD, SPN, GG, COMMUNITY, LEVERAGE and a bunch of other awesome shows.

this blog is for everything TV/fandom related, though there are light hints of personal business if you squint hard enough. it's mostly TV-centric.

☐ Single. ☐ Taken. ☑ Still waiting for Puckleberry or Lark to get together.

this is not a finchel/quick-friendly blog. you won't see them on here. this is also a fairly anti-finn/pro-cory blog. there is a difference. you have been warned.

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17 March 2011

seriously, do people still care about her? 

  1. bellamyfraserjones said: could not agree more!!
  2. bewitchingbennett said: what storyline? sorry I missed it lol
  3. aimshasmoved posted this